How Mom Rage Affected Me

MOM RAGE IS REAL. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

Before I became a mom, I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I just thought, you have a baby, you become a mom, you maybe struggle a little, but you live “happily ever after”.

For me, that was so far from the case.

I would say that one of the main ways my depression and anxiety showed up in early motherhood was in rage.

I’m not talking about “I’m so upset my kids didn’t nap“. I am taking about an actual feeling of “I am so angry I could literally punch something right now” (which I sometimes did).

Am I proud of this? No!! Was I ever? Absolutely not! I was so ashamed that I had these overwhelming feelings, but nobody ever prepared me for them. How was I supposed to know what “mom rage” was when nobody ever talks about it?

But here I am now, opening up about my struggles so that maybe a new mom is reading this and feels the same way. I hope she can think to herself “I’m not alone, I’m not going crazy, this motherhood thing is really just SO HARD!”

Looking back, my rage was definitely a sign to a more serious problem, and I should have got help sooner. But I do know some moms who felt “mom rage” and they didn’t suffer from PPA & PPD. Their rage just might not have been as big as mine since I was suffering in so many different departments.

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month and what better way for me to celebrate than to help some other moms feel less alone.

So here I am, being very vulnerable sharing my struggles in hopes of helping at least one mom. Mom rage is real, its scary, its tough. If it is out of control, it is probably due to something else going on that needs to be addressed.

I wish I had heard more about these things in early motherhood. My goal is to bring awareness more to the mental health of a mom instead of writing her off as having “baby blues”.


I’ve been through a lot in motherhood. A lot of ups and downs. I am no expert, but I do think that the things I have been through make me an advocate for maternal mental health. So if that’s something you are struggling with and have nobody else to turn to, DO NOT HESTITATE to contact me. I will be more than happy to give you my personal and honest opinion. It will also ALWAYS be a judgement free zone.

The whole point in me being so vulnerable is to just bring awareness to things that I don’t think are talked about enough. Mom rage is definitely one of those things. So if this is something you are experiencing right now, just remember that you are not alone. And that you are not a bad mom because of these feelings. You can still be a good mom and feel mom rage.

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