The Luxuries we Take for Granted Before Kids

Who knew that something as simple as a hot cup of coffee could be considered a luxury? Before I had kids, I just assumed that was a joy in my life that I would never have to compromise on. Oh, how wrong I was.

When I became a mom, it was like I totally forgot about the life I was living before because almost every aspect of my life changed. Sleep? That was a thing of the past. Date nights with my husband? Few and far between. Having time to myself? Yeah, right.

Watching TV during the day that is not a cartoon or a kids’ show? Think again. Reading in silence? Nope. Listening to music in the car that isn’t “Disney princess songs?” HA. There are just so many silly little things that we can do before we have kids that just get taken over once you become a parent.

I hear people without kids telling me about their lives sometimes, and I forget that I used to be that carefree. That I used to be able to do things at the drop of a hat with no plan involved. With kids, it is so much harder because everything needs to be planned out. For years, I couldn’t make plans if it interfered with my kids’ nap schedule or if it was past their bed time.

I am making self care a priority in my life so I do carve out time for things that bring me joy.


Now that my kids are getting older, I do find myself getting some luxuries back that I had before. I am making self care a priority in my life so I do carve out time for things that bring me joy. My kids sleep all night, and although they wake up early, they also do go to bed early, so I have time to relax and unwind at the end of the day. My husband and I are finally connecting again and doing date nights at least once a month. It is like things are coming full circle.

Since I have talked a lot about the things that I gave up once I became a mom, I do want to mention some of the things I have gained. I have never been a confident person, but at 33 years old, I am more confident than I have ever been and I think becoming a mom played a large role in that. I have also never, in my life, felt the kind of love that I feel for my kids. The gratitude I feel each day knowing that I get to watch them grow up is indescribable.

Did I sacrifice a lot once I became a mom? For sure! But as with most things in life, the good outweigh the bad and I am so overjoyed that I get to be a mom. I would sacrifice anything for my kids and I know that one day I’ll get my life back and do things on my own time. Until then, I am going to fully enjoy every aspect of motherhood because I deserve to be happy and so do my kids.

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