Car Rides with Kids

Have you ever been stuck in a car with a crying baby? How about 2 crying babies? No? Consider yourself lucky. If you have, I feel you more than you can even imagine.

Both of my kids hated the car when they were babies. I swear, my daughter, Rylie, even cried hysterically on the way home from the hospital. While some kids sleep in the car, my kids had meltdowns when they were younger.

This made so many things complicated for me postpartum. It made me feel like I couldn’t leave the house. I knew that no matter how short the car ride was, that my kids were going to cry and not sleep. Also, since I was so strict on our nap schedule, it made it very difficult to do anything because I knew they wouldn’t get a rest in the car.

I remember it making me feel so helpless that they cried in the car. There was nothing I could really do to help them – but it broke my heart that they seemed so upset.


I can’t even count how many plans we turned down because the drive was going to be too long for us. For a long time, any drive over 15 minutes was AWFUL and we avoided it at all costs. If we had to go somewhere farther than that, I not only knew the kids would cry the whole way, but sometimes they even got car sick. Do you know what’s even more fun than listening to kids crying in the car? Cleaning up puke after you finally arrive at your destination.

Luckily, we are past that point in life now where they cry in the car. I don’t think my children are ever going to “love” the car though. Even when we go somewhere local, they say “we’ve been driving FOREVER, are we there yet?” But I guess that’s pretty standard for kids these days.

If you are a mom struggling with car rides – you are SO not alone. That was such a struggle for me in early motherhood and my heart truly goes out to you. It makes life so much more isolating and lonely. I’ll never forget how tough that was on me. But like everything in motherhood, it did pass. And it has to be refreshing to know that it will for you, too.

P.S. I am working on something I am very excited and passionate about and I can’t wait to share what it is! Stay tuned 🫶🏻

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  1. Thankfully my kids loved the car and fell asleep almost immediately. I could use it to give myself a break and just drive around. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day we were meeting for lunch and when you got there, you were frazzled because Rylie was hysterical the whole ride. I never really thought about how lucky I was that I could count on a car ride to catch a break. Thank God you are past it!

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